Reminiscing Our Summer Fun!

On May 27, 2018, we took Tenely on a hike to Lower Lena Lake near Hoodsport on the Olympic Peninsula. Initially, we attempted to do a hike in Olympic National Park but forgot that dogs are prohibited in the Park. Boooo!

The 2-hour drive to the trailhead was very scenic, with beautiful views of the water and tidal flats. We noticed a lot of people clamming, as it was the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. We were able to find decent overflow parking not too far from the trailhead and set off with Tenley. The 3 miles to the lake was a moderate climb with meandering switchbacks – not too difficult or rocky. Probably the nicest spot before reaching the lake was a “fern gully” dotted with mossy boulders and a trickling creek. Tenley especially enjoyed frolicking in this section. I think she enters some sort of primordial mindset on these hikes and she thinks she's one of her wolf ancestors. Too bad in reality, she couldn't survive one day without her high grade kibble, comfy pillows and organic fruit snacks.


We stopped and ate lunch at a rocky overlook above Lena Lake. It was a beautiful spot and the lake itself was bigger than I was expecting, ringed by rocky peaks like so many of these alpine lakes in the PNW. It wasn’t as striking as Lake Serene or some of the other hikes we've checked off the list, but still a fun jaunt nonetheless and the distance and difficulty was well-suited for our party.