2018 Calendar

2018 Tenley calendars arrived on our doorsteps this week! This is our third year making her calendar, and each year we are printing more and more of it :-) We love going through all of her photos and choosing the best 12 seasonal photos for the next year. All of her calendars were created using  Vistaprint and this website has been awesome and super user friendly in my opinion.  I highly recommend it if you are looking to customize any stationary items!

My long term goal is to sell something small like this on the website to benefit pitbull rescues, but I'm not exactly sure how many people would be interested in "Tenley merchandises". So I'd have to think some more on my plan :)

Anyhow,we have 2 extra calendars we'd love to give away to Tenley's followers (it's a small desk top size calendars with 12 different pictures of Tenley each month).

Are you interested?

  • Comment on Tenley's Instagram photo to let us know
  • US Followers only for mailing purposes 
  • We'll choose 2 winners randomly some time this week and let everyone know!

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