Reminiscing Our Summer Fun!

On May 27, 2018, we took Tenely on a hike to Lower Lena Lake near Hoodsport on the Olympic Peninsula. Initially, we attempted to do a hike in Olympic National Park but forgot that dogs are prohibited in the Park. Boooo!

The 2-hour drive to the trailhead was very scenic, with beautiful views of the water and tidal flats. We noticed a lot of people clamming, as it was the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. We were able to find decent overflow parking not too far from the trailhead and set off with Tenley. The 3 miles to the lake was a moderate climb with meandering switchbacks – not too difficult or rocky. Probably the nicest spot before reaching the lake was a “fern gully” dotted with mossy boulders and a trickling creek. Tenley especially enjoyed frolicking in this section. I think she enters some sort of primordial mindset on these hikes and she thinks she's one of her wolf ancestors. Too bad in reality, she couldn't survive one day without her high grade kibble, comfy pillows and organic fruit snacks.


We stopped and ate lunch at a rocky overlook above Lena Lake. It was a beautiful spot and the lake itself was bigger than I was expecting, ringed by rocky peaks like so many of these alpine lakes in the PNW. It wasn’t as striking as Lake Serene or some of the other hikes we've checked off the list, but still a fun jaunt nonetheless and the distance and difficulty was well-suited for our party.


2018 Calendar

2018 Tenley calendars arrived on our doorsteps this week! This is our third year making her calendar, and each year we are printing more and more of it :-) We love going through all of her photos and choosing the best 12 seasonal photos for the next year. All of her calendars were created using  Vistaprint and this website has been awesome and super user friendly in my opinion.  I highly recommend it if you are looking to customize any stationary items!

My long term goal is to sell something small like this on the website to benefit pitbull rescues, but I'm not exactly sure how many people would be interested in "Tenley merchandises". So I'd have to think some more on my plan :)

Anyhow,we have 2 extra calendars we'd love to give away to Tenley's followers (it's a small desk top size calendars with 12 different pictures of Tenley each month).

Are you interested?

  • Comment on Tenley's Instagram photo to let us know
  • US Followers only for mailing purposes 
  • We'll choose 2 winners randomly some time this week and let everyone know!

Sneak Peak of January 

Trinity Tree Farm

Thanksgiving came and went, and December is right around the corner. 

We took Tenley with us to go get our Christmas tree yesterday from Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah. We chose this farm mainly for two reasons: dog friendly and proximity to Seattle. Once there, we saw other pups walking around the farm with their owners looking for that perfect tree! They had a wide selection of both pre-cut and "you cut" Douglas, Grand, Noble and Fraser firs on a 40 acre lot. Saws provided, credit card accepted but you can save $5 if you purchase with cash :-) 

Here are some other dog friendly tree farms in the greater Seattle area. 

McMurtrey's Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm (Redmond, WA)

Carnation Tree Farm (Carnation, WA)

Farmer Brown's Christmas Tree Farm (Arlington, WA)


Family Photos

It's not everyday that my husband and I decide to take a family portrait with our super energetic pup who can't sit still for more than 0.5 seconds.

Last weekend we had a great holiday photo session with Jamie from Jamie Buckley Photography!  Whether you are looking for that perfect Christmas card photo, or just a nice portrait to frame around the house, Jamie was so great to work with. He somehow perfectly captured Tenley like a well behaved lady, when in reality she was wiggling around and tasting duck poop on the side. PLUS 100% from the photo session went to benefit the Forgotten Dog Rescue!  If you are in the Seattle area, it's not too late to reach out to him.

Here are some of our favorites: