Our Story

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Tenley was rescued by Mom & Dad (Miki & Ryan) from K9 Rescue and Rehab (K9RR) in Auburn, Washington when she was 3 months old. 

Tenley was originally abandoned in California, but due to lack of space at the local shelters, her litter was sent up to Washington State. Several of her malnourished siblings didn't survive the journey, but some how the runt of the litter, Tenley, survived. After experiencing a failed adoption, Tenley came home to her forever family on April 5th, 2015. 



Miki & Ryan quickly learned that negative perceptions toward Pitbull like dogs continue to exist. They made a commitment to become responsible owners that help educate the public and raise positive awareness for the breed.  Tenley has been raised as a breed ambassador to show the world that she's just a dog, no different from that Lab next door.